Are you needing help or advice from a solicitors in Luton? Our solicitors in Luton have been helping people like yourself for decades and are dedicated in all things related to family law. Get the help and advice you and your family deserve today.

Solicitors in Luton – what do you cover?

Being specialist family law solicitors in Luton we cover everything from separation to divorce, child custody and children’s visitation rights, legal cohabitation agreements and prenuptial agreements. It is also worth noting that we have in house criminal solicitors on hand to help and advise on domestic violence and abuse, theft and fraud – these are very common issues when it comes to family law matters.

More and more often we are asked about counselling which is why we also have counselors on hand to deal with anything that might arise during your family law case. We also work hand in hand with many outside agencies who during the course of your family law case might be called upon for their expertise. As you can see our solicitors in Luton really do have everything covered when it comes to family law.

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